Wednesday, September 14, 2005

exploded food -- the new trend!

I've got this little gadget, a thing you'd pick up for $3 at K-Mart. It's two pieces of plastic that you can use to microwave eggs. You crack an egg in the bowl of one piece of plastic, cover it with the other piece of plastic, and voila, 50 seconds later, one poached egg. It actually works pretty well... if you remember to poke a hole in the yolk with a fork! Otherwise, well, about 40 seconds into the cooking process you hear a big *pop* as the yolk explodes!

Add to "scrambled," "fried," and "over-easy," the new trendy type of egg -- "exploded"! It'll be the newest trend, just you wait. I mean, Ferrán Adrià in Spain makes foams out of any ingredient he can think of; Homaru Cantu in Chicago prints flavors onto edible paper with an ink jet priner. Can detonated cuisine be far behind?

ps - Someone wittier than I should make, er, crack a joke about using a bomb calorimeter...


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