Friday, May 05, 2006

superadditive burger toppings

I was at an American restaurant and bar in Brooklyn the other day with a couple of friends, and we noticed some very amusing things on the menu. I took photos with my trusty cell phone, which I've cropped, combined, and enhanced so that you can actually read it...

A few things to notice. First, as pointed out by Dylan, there are five types of cheeseburgers. Did they say "Cheeseburger (American, Cheddar, Blue, Swiss, or Provolone)... $6.95"? No, they did not. They listed each type of cheeseburger separately. That's pretty funny. Perhaps they needed to fill out their rather sparse menu and couldn't figure out how to shrink the margins, like I did in college?

The next thing is really funny. The cost of a plain burger is $6.75. The cost of a cheeseburger (any type of cheese!) is $6.95. That's 20 cents for the cheese. Fine. Now, the cost of a bacon burger is $6.95, making the incremental cost of the bacon 20 cents. I'm not sure I want to know where they got bacon at 10 cents a strip, but anywhere, there it is, fine. Now the kicker. The price of a bacon cheeseburger is... what's that you say? $6.75 + $.20 + $.20 = $7.15? Great guess! But wrong. They charge 35 extra cents to put both the bacon and the cheese on your burger. $7.50. I'm baffled.

I had the plain burger. It was okay.



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