Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Snow day!!!

Snow week? As you doubtless know, the New York City Transit Workers Union went on strike last night, shutting down all city trains and buses. I live about 7 miles from work, which is rather too far to walk, especially in this weather. And really, I don't care enough to try to get a ride or a cab... So, snow day! I think I'm gonna bake some bread, finally get a Christmas tree, maybe hike the mile or two down to the movie theater...

There's lots of talk all over the media about who you support, the MTA or the union. I agree with some commentator I heard on the radio. It's like asking who you supported during the Iran-Iraq war... The MTA is horribly run, inefficient, and corrupt. The union is greedy, addicted to inefficiencies, and corrupt. Lets get this to binding arbitration, and get the trains running! I just would like the strike to be ended by Friday, if you please, so I can go to Christmas parties...


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