Sunday, July 23, 2006

power outage in Astoria

Although the outage is not as widespread as the one in St. Louis, the outage here in Western Queens has been going on for six days, and parts of it may last for several more. Which blocks have had outages and which haven't has been very hit-or-miss, and I've been very lucky. Some disruptions to my cell phone and cable modem, but I've had full power, even as people just a couple blocks in each direction have either had nothing or just a tiny bit of low-voltage power to light some light bulbs.

This afternoon I went for a walk to take some photos, and got a few shots of workers repairing the electrical system a few blocks from my apartment. In addition to ConEd workers, there are people from all over the Northeast here working on the wires. I've seen trucks from DC and Ohio. Here are my photos of the workers:

There have been a lot of cops around, traffic cops where stoplights were out, as well as a bunch of beat cops who were sent to "prevent looting". Apparently, there's been basically none. Squeaky clean people, we Astorians are...

I'm in Seattle and Vancouver for a week, visiting relatives and going to a conference, so this blog will be taking a week's vacation as well! Enjoy the rest of the Internet without me...

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