Thursday, April 13, 2006


To paraphrase Heraclitus, no man may read the same article twice, for although it is the same article, he is not the same man. This is my thought as I discover that, once again, I have re-read a journal article without even recognizing it or considering it familiar. About every six months I read a paper, think "oh, that was quite interesting, I learned a lot", then go to enter in into my bibliography database only to find it already there. And since I note the date that I add entries to the database, and I write a paragraph of comments about each paper, I can look and see that, lo, I last read this seemingly novel paper just eight months ago, and had rather a different point of view then. I think the alternatives are either that (a) I'm kinda dumb, or (b) my extensive experiences in the past eight months have changed me so much that identical 15-page papers don't register as familiar. I've got a vested interest in voting "b", supported by mangling the words of a pre-Socratic philosopher, but you may draw your own conclusions...

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