Tuesday, November 01, 2005

restaurants I can't afford

Well, the first-even Michelin guide to New York restaurants was released today. I recall some speculation somewhere that no restaurants would get 3 stars, since American service at top-level restaurants is not considered at quite the same level as in France. However, four restaurants got 3 stars, three French and one American: Le Bernadin, Jean George, and Alain Ducasse, and Per Se. There were also four restaurants that got 2 stars, and 31 that got 1 star. For the record, being decidedly not rich, I have been to exactly none of these fine eating establisments. 468 restaurants got listings in the guide, however, which is a bit of an honor itself (there being something like 10,000 licensed eating establishments in NYC). I'm curious to know what the 13 listed restaurants in Queens are...


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