Thursday, December 22, 2005

Snow day 2!

Well, the transit strike is now over, and I'll go to work tomorrow, but in the mean time there were minor adventures. Yesterday, after making some Chinese steamed scallops and stir-fried broccoli for dinner, we decided we'd go see Narnia. (If you haven't seen the SNL rap about Narnia, go see it. The chronic-What? cles of Narnia!) Normally to go to the neighborhood megaplex, we'd hop on the train and go three stops, but this time we had to walk. It's a couple of miles of hiking in the cold, which only took 30 minutes or so. Not bad at all. The movie was the same, not bad at all. The badgers and Mr. Tumnus were great. The kids were pretty good, but I could swear Edward was a bit chubby and blond, not skinny and dark-haired. It certainly pales next to the Lord of the Rings. I'm looking forward to the His Dark Materials movies as well...

On the way back, after dissecting the movie to pieces, we walked past some Christmas tree places. We'd checked out the trees around the corner from us, where we'd gotten a tree last year, but this year they had nothing. They tried to sell us a branch with the tip trimmed to look pointy, for $25! This other place had much better looking trees. We ended up getting a big tree and having it, well, chopped off at the knees in order to be a reasonable size for the tiny living room. After carrying it home like the carcass of a wild hog, we set it up last night and decorated it today. Here are before and after pictures, courtesy of the crappy cell phone cam:

If you squint you can see the impaled Santa finger puppet acting as the topper, and just below it, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Beaver (complete with little hat and Maple Leaf flag) pretending it's an ornament.

Vacation's done, back to your regular much-less-often blogging!


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