Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Trader Joe's update

From Curbed via the New York Times:
(1) The store will be open in three months, and (2) they're getting around the whole "no wine in grocery stores" thing by hawking their precious Two-Buck Chuck in a separate wine store, in the dorm's other retail space (they're divided by the building's lobby). And while it may seem annoying to have to buy your groceries and then go next door for your wine, let us remind you: the staff wears Hawaiian shirts. Isn't that hilarious?!
(The dorm referred to is an NYU dorm with retail space at street level.)

Incidentally, America's Test Kitchen has reviewed a number of Trader Joe's products in their Tasting Lab. Of the reviews I've noted, their chicken stock is bad, their mayo is good, and their sun-dried tomatoes are good.

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