Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hipster Fails Retro Technology

Just a funny thing on the subway this morning. I'm listening to my pseudo-iPod when I notice the woman across from me having trouble with some sort of consumer electronics. She was wearing hip furry boots and uber-hip oversized sunglasses (ala Paris Hilton in the photo), carrying a big bag from some boutique I'm not hip enough to have ever heard of, and trying to figure out how to use her.... 1987-vintage Walkman tape-deck! She tried to put the tape in one way, then the other, then flipped it around, tried it again, tried another tape, first one way, then another, and just couldn't figure it out. After about two minutes of this, she gave up and got off the train...

Perhaps I witnessed the beginnings of the newest fad? Now that 1970s t-shirts are old news and trucker caps are so 2002, and 30 million people, mostly tragically un-hip geezers, have iPods, perhaps the real cutting edge people are dusting off their Walkmans. Hopefully they're not listening to Heaven is a Place on Earth, though. That wouldn't do at all.



At 2:18 PM, Blogger jayme said...

I've seen the walkman too -- on the hipster boutique chic -- so it's "one to watch" (and laugh at) on the trend list.


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