Monday, June 05, 2006

an anti-food blog

Are you tired of the excessively elegant food you cook, eat, and read about on food blogs? Are the elegant photos of crispy and flakey butter cookies at Chocolate & Zucchini getting your down? The Freakonomics Blog, of all places, points out the answer. Adam Scott, a Canadian video blogger, has embarked on a project to avoid cooking, shopping, and dishes, by eating nothing but ZuPreem brand monkey chow (for great apes too!) for a week. (Well, he does confess he'll be drinking black coffee in the morning and vodka in the evening...) The project is called The Monkey Chow Diaries, and he is so far two days into the project, with no particularly severe side effects. (But no great-ape-like super strength either, alas.)
His daily video has been hilarious. Especially the first day, as he describes the horribleness of the chow, which he describes as shredded wheat and dog food, mixed together and baked for half an hour at 400 degrees. Or as he justifies his decision to try to eat the kibble in three meals a day, instead of grazing, because it makes him a little nauseous to eat it.



At 4:15 PM, Blogger Yankus said...

"Health Facts and Fears" has a great new post on the Monkey Chow Diet: "The Ultimate Convenience Diet: Monkey Chow"

Check it out!


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