Tuesday, June 20, 2006

dinner of the beast (two weeks late...)

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd joined a CSA, on the day of the first pickup. That day was 6/6/06, the day of the beast. When flipping through recipe books, I ran across a recipe for stir-fried Beef with Asparagus, which would go well with the asparagus (I thought) we were getting that first day. Best yet, the recipe was on page 666 of The New Joy of Cooking! This would have been a killer food-blog article; dinner of the beast on the day of the beast! But, it was not to be. We got chives, rhubarb, and a few other things that week, but no asparagus.

This week, though, we got asparagus! So I defrosted the beef I had stored in the freezer, and made the dish. It's a fairly standard Chinese stir-fried recipe, and so I won't give the full recipe here. Basically, you marinade the beef in an oyster-sauce marinade, then fry it, then fry aromatics and the asparagus, then add some chicken stock for the sauce, then return the beef to the pan and thicken. The result, a two-week delayed dinner of the beast. It was fine, if a bit on the salty side, and a bit short of asparagus. (We only got a third of a pound, and the recipe could have easily used twice that much.) On the other hand, it was extremely evil.



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